Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Lost Things

A gold chain with an anchor, my high school football jacket, my stuffed teddy bear "Fluffy", some favorite hats, my mind at times, a cool collection of Zippo lighters, a shotgun, rifles, and 2 compound bows, and so forth and so on...these are just some of the things I've lost over the years.  A few of these things were truly lost to the sands of time.  Some of these items were stolen from me (I hope you're reading this cause you know who you are, Sucka!).  Some of these things have just been misplaced and now I don't know where they really are so...I'm just kinda like "ummm, i dunno where it is". 
The point here is that I'm sure we've all lost some things that were valuable to us through the years and it hurts that we still don't have them.  Why do we feel such attachment to these material items?  Is it because of the good times we had while using them?  Is it that these attachments conjure up memories from our childhood (Fluffy)?  Was it because of a family heirloom given to you in trust and honor (rifle...you know who you are, Sucka!)? 
Whatever it is.  We do feel or at least I do feel a great regret for not having these items in my life anymore.  Some of the things I could share with my kids and tell them stories about the good times using them.  They could touch and feel history.  I could share with them something that my family passed down to me.  I could eventually pass some of these things down to them and so forth and so on.
I miss my things...the lost things.  Maybe it's not the "things" I miss.  Maybe I miss the memories and history and the promise these things brought to me.  In the end, they are just material things and I do have my memories but there's just something about certain items that can transport you instantly to specific points in time.  Our things are time machines!

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